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Strategy: Check Out the New Street Kings!

Hey there, Mob Family!

Let’s talk about the three type of characters – Razorsharpshadows, Triggerman, and Heavyhanded.

Meet the Trio and Their Alley Brawls:

  • Razorsharpshadows – Masters of the blade, they slice through the Heavyhanded with ease but find themselves outmatched by the ranged prowess of the Triggerman.
  • Triggerman – With their unmatched aim, they take down Razorsharpshadows before they can even get close, yet they struggle against the crushing might of the Heavyhanded.
  • Heavyhanded – Their brute strength lays waste to the Triggerman but can be elegantly sidestepped by the agile Razorsharpshadows.

It’s All in the Game:

These new tough guys are here to shake things up. It’s not just about who’s got the bigger gun; it’s about smarts, strategy, and knowing when to play your ace.

Razorsharpshadows got the moves? Send ’em to school the Heavyhanded.
Need to cool off a hotshot Razorsharpshadows? Let your Triggerman loose.
And when a wild Triggerman is causing a ruckus, go old school with the Heavyhanded smackdown.

Your Move, Boss:

You’re the brains of the operation. Mix, match, and maneuver these new wise guys to outwit, outplay, and outlast the competition. Remember, in our city, it’s not just about the brawn or the bullets; it’s about the brains.

We’re all in this family together, so hit the streets, make your mark, and let’s show ’em how we do business.

The “Shadows of Revenge” team.