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Designing Idle Cash Generation

In this post, I’ll talk about how we’re trying to add a new layer of strategy and progression to Shadows of Revenge.

The concept: idle cash generation

Idle cash generation is a gameplay mechanic that rewards players with in-game currency without requiring-ish active engagement. In our game, this mechanism is intricately tied to the businesses under the player’s control within conquered neighborhoods. As each “map turn” passes, businesses generate a certain amount of money, simulating the steady income these businesses produce. Each business has a payout every couple of turns that the player has to collect (this is to keep players alert, make them combat more, and make them try to get the best businesses). This not only encourages players to conquer and maintain control over neighborhoods but also offers a sense of pride and accomplishment (sorry, I had to put this somewhere in the post).

Introducing Businesses

A neighborhood sometimes has two associated businesses and when a player conquers that neighborhood, they can take over one of the businesses. It looks something like this:

This is what you see after successfully controlling a business-operating neighborhood. Capitalism at it’s best.

There are different kinds of businesses and they all generate a different amount of cash every few turns. Businesses are:

  • Bars
  • Construction
  • Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Protection
  • Restaurants
  • Waste management
  • Women

Integrating it into the gameplay loop

At its core, Shadows of Revenge relies on the fusion of strategy and chance. Idle cash generation becomes another piece of this puzzle. Players must decide how to allocate their resources: Should they invest in businesses that yield higher idle cash or should they take over faster cash generators? Businesses, also, are a key part of the strategy of the map-conquering madness. Having a majority of a given type of business, can give the player an edge over certain neighborhoods. This decision-making process adds depth to the gameplay and elevates the game’s strategic component.

I hope you like this feature. We think it’s important because you need to be mindful of your global strategy while also trying to milk every dollar you can out of your controlled areas.