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Combat “situations” and how they are important

In Shadows of Revenge, we understand that no two mobster encounters are the same. That’s where “Situations” come in, injecting a fresh layer of strategy, unpredictability, and replayability into each playthrough. Let’s delve into this feature -dive one played card here- and explore why it’s the driving force behind the game’s gameplay.

Rethinking Strategy from the Get-Go:

Picture this: You’re a cunning mob boss, ready to assert your dominance over the gritty underworld. The catch? The game doesn’t just let you settle into a comfortable strategy. As soon as you step into the ring, you’re met with a choice of “Situations” three distinct scenenarios each with its own ability. This initial decision alone sets the tone for the entire combat, forcing you to think on your feet and adapt your tactics from the very start.

A Variety of Situations:

  1. Illegal Arms Deal: Set against a backdrop of boats and intrigue, this location provides a power boost if you only have one card here.
  2. Violent Showdown: Rain-slicked streets become the battleground in this high-stakes situation. Be prepared for a climactic clash where all cards must be played on turn 5, setting the stage for a nail-biting finish.
  3. Sitdown: Enter the ambiance of an Italian restaurant. At the end of turn 4, the leader of the pack at this location draws 2 extra cards, a reward for maintaining dominance.
  4. InterrogationThe dimly lit basement is where secrets are revealed and allegiances are tested. You can not play any card here, so you need to re-think your strategy playing in only 2 situations.
  5. Rival Gang Meeting: The allure of a strip club hides the cutthroat rivalry. Whoever’s in control here gains +3 Power over their rivals, a strategic advantage that can’t be ignored.

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